Martin McCreadie

On A Clockwork Orange

This year marks the half centenary of the release of the book, and I think that it speaks volumes for the narrative power of Burgess' novel, that there are fans born decades later, passionately engaging in debate & conversation regarding his creation given the state of the world at the moment.

In five words - visceral, sexual, moralistic, philosophical, horrorshow...

On Alexander DeLarge

Alex is a young man, having traversed the pitfalls and experienced (albeit in a heightened way) the peaks and troughs of adolescence, looking back and making the profound observation on what it is to be a boy, on the brink of manhood, a phase we all may cherish, but also regret in equal measure.

I've had the pleasure of playing a fair few 'interesting' characters in my fledging years as an actor. Mark Renton in the stage version of Trainspotting comes to mind, as do Shakespearean mavericks such as Mercutio, Puck & Gratiano. Alex is an enigma. Despite his humble background, he has sophisticated tastes in music & fashion (the aesthetic of everything in general) and despite being clearly blessed intellectually he has no interest in playing society's game of ascension through the ranks of education. Instead he engages in social disruption through his, sometimes nightmarish, recreational hedonism. But again, it's always on his idealistic terms.

Any rituals?

It is paramount to be in great physical & mental condition. When it comes to performance time, every actor is different, but I'm usually really relaxed going through warm up etc, enjoying the ensemble feel amongst us all as a company. But for those few minutes immediately before the lights go up, I take some time for myself and hone all my focus in on what I'm about to deliver.

Action To The Word?

They are like extended family. There is no ego, no pretension, only hardworking actors all imbued with confidence and trust in the incredibly talented ASJ at the helm, who in turn creates the perfect milieu for creating theatre.

The Edinburgh Festival?

It's an amazing feeling when the audiences of yesterday are helping bring in the audiences of tomorrow. I'm looking forward to performing at the Pleasance for the first time.